Thursday, April 26, 2012

From my desk this week

Look at these colourful paper goodies I have here on my desk today. My friend invited me to a lunchtime talk and it is always great to get away from your desk now and again.
The talks  Beauty in the making where organised by It's nice that their blog is worth a read. There was also and exhibition attached to the venue there where lots of old school demos I had a go at printing with a letter press watched paper being made and looked as some hand drawn fonts which where lovely to look at.

Goodies bag curtsy of the GF smith paper company Downey printing and Monotype.
A lovely hand screen printed tote bag colourful paper note book I can't wait to collage in and lovely hand made envelopes. The colours and texture of the papers are so inspiring.
Oh the talks where pretty good to : ).

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