Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Book Illustrations Denmark

Hello I am finally back from chasing Easter Bunnies in Scotland. Rocket was whizzed back to school on Dad's bike  this morning and I guess like most parents today. Jarrod and I are  just having a quiet moment. I am drinking tea and enjoying being back at my computer sifting through some photos I took while visiting the folks up in Orkney.

Today lots of vintage eye candy for you. If you love children's book illustration I think you will appreciate these images of  my Dad's old child hood books from Denmark he  found in my Grand mother's house.
The first is Denmark a lovely land and charming illustration by Laus Laursen.  Photos aren't great as I took them with my mobile phone but you can still see the charm of the illustrations. I love the combination of photography and hand drawn images.

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