Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mom Inc a good read

Image from Chronicle Books
Hello I just wanted to share a really good read a new publication  Mom Inc for all you mums out there. If your a Mom considering starting a creative business or are in business already and trying to work it all out the life balance of Mum ,wife and business owner. I am certainly in that category. Especially now Rocket is at school full time I want to make my precious hours I have free to work on my business are used to the max and not get myself into the frazzled !! zone.  Been down that route  that's why I put the brakes on and slowed downed last year Rocket's terrible twos,moving around and hemispheres it was time to just stop and think again. I think it's OK to say slow down and keep prospective of the important things in life I was lucky my husband supported me in this decision. Keeping balance is important and this book seems to be giving a few answers there. Great interviews by other creative Mums giving their Pearls of wisdom and funny stories you can identify with. 
Although I am only bought this book on Kindle at Amazon UK site.  This week I am already really enjoying this book.
Created by two very talented mums who have brought the world other great creative business book resources which some of them are on my bookshelf
Creative Inc, Craft Inc,

Have a look at the authors websites they have some great tips in their blogs and lovely work.
Mateo Ilasco  and Cat Seto  The book is published by Chronicle books  I bought my kindle version here

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