Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Friday add fun to a rainy day

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Hello it's Fun Friday. I have fallen in love with an umbrella. Well maybe love is a strong word. I needed a new umbrella and found this one in good old Marks & Spencers.

Five things I like about this umbrella.

  • It has spots anyone who knows me knows I can't resist anything with a polka dot.
  • The spots change into lovely rainbow colours
  • It really cheers me up when up out in the rain.
  • It is small and light to carry in a handbag.
  • Adds fun to a rainy day.

So winner all round . Happy Friday have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From my desk this week

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Hello again. How has your week been?  I have been spending some time on-line this week doing some digital tidying up and working on phase two of my website adding more surface patterns to my sample portfolio. Making changes to the Susse store getting ready to load up some new products and exciting news there will also be Susse Christmas shop coming soon. If you haven't done so already you can join my mailing list to be the first the in know what's happening at the store, competitions and discounts and sales.

Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Craft Night ABC totes

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Space man in a bubble Rocket's own drawing.

Hello it's getting a bit chilly here in London and Autumn has definitely has  arrived. I thought this winter I would share some fun Craft night projects to do. For one of those nights you just feel like tucking up and being cosy at home or invite some friends over to share the fun. 

With Rocket starting big school his little back pack doesn't seem to accommodated that growing number of articles we have to ship back and forth to school. I made this tote bag for him. They are great for little tots to. You can spell their name, just add the whole designs back and front to help them learn their ABC's and numbers. Or even make some for yourself if your at collage or carry extra papers for work or busy Mum carrying extra toys, snacks and clothes for your kids.
Even make a nice trick or treat bag for Halloween.
Here is a fun little project that takes about an hour to do.

Here"s the how too:

  1. One cotton tote - This  Supplier  is great here in the  UK
  2. Printer and computer
  3. Scissors
  4. Iron on T-shirt transfer paper- Any arts and crafts store supplies this
  5. Iron 
  6. Scraps of fabric
  7. Needle and thread

First you need to down load these designs I made for you.

You will need a cotton tote  or make one yourself. Iron and make sure the wrinkles are all gone.

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Then print off  sheet of designs. You might need
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Cut out your letters .

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Arrange them  how you like them to be. Iron them on as per the instructions for your transfer paper. Your done.

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Or like me you want to add some extra embellishments. I cut out some felt stars. hand stitched them onto the tote with colourful threads.

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Hand stitched them onto the tote with colourful threads.

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That's you done.

Here is some other ideas full ABC tote with numbers to help little people learn there ABC's and 123's

Enjoy and have fun out there.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Friday Step away from the computer

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Hello and a happy fun Friday to you.  I wanted to share some plans I have of cosy things to do tucked up a on a winters night. I have been spending to much time on the computer lately. Partly because we don't own a TV in our house so the temptation to surf at night after staring at the screen all day is there.

1. Start making cushions and making the house feel more cosy. I found a great tutorial here by the author  Brett Bara of the book sew in a straight line. I am not good at putting zips into things so this tutorial was great. Share you my handy work later on. So far I have made one cushion  whoo hoo.
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2. Start baking some recipes from my book I bought in the summer inspired my trip to Denmark.
I bought my book Nordic Bakery Cook book here at this gorgeous shop Fritz Hansen for all things Scandinavian. will be planning some relaxed Sunday afternoons with friends drinking coffee and eating some Scandi baking.
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3. Do some Patching. I found these great templates in Ray stitch store . Our lovely quilt we bought in India on our honey moon is disintegrating , MM well we have been married quite a bit now. It's time for aa new quilt . I guess knowing me it will be by Spring time that I actually finish it. Hey I am going to give it a try.

What  fun plans do you have for the Winter evenings?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

From my desk this week

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Hello from my desk this week. I have my head down and working on a new portfolio
of patterns getting them ready to show on-line at  my website. I am trying to work away form the computer . One of my goals this week actually this winter is to get away from the computer screen. This will be something I might share with you on Friday. As you can see there has been a a bit of paint play going on in the studio this week. I haven't used paint for mm quite a while and love the uncontrollable happy accidents you can create.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun friday my five favourite cafes

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Here is my fun Friday tips for you my favorite coffee places . If your looking around the London design festival next week these could be some nice places to chill out and take stock of your day.

I love drinking coffee and sometimes I need a wee breather and get out the house these cafes are pretty local to me but it's nice to support the independent coffee shops that make a decent coffee and do some people watching too.

Local places


Central London quiet oasis



Thursday, September 13, 2012

From my desk this week

Think bubble notes to keep me organized

A view from my desk this sunny morning
 Hi so I am back to getting to work mode and back to my regular post from my desk this week. I have dusted down the cobwebs from my desk. Removed the paper mountains that I love to create and using my new fun organizing think bubble sticky notes.
They inspired a few designs too . You can see one in the background. If you like these cute guys I bought mine in the swanky Liberties of London paper shop. I love losing my self in there but it dose drain the funds in my purse so many lovely things to buy. Or visit the manufactures website to find a stockist near you. Now no excuses I have to start some work today : ).

Monday, September 10, 2012

Moyo magazine

Hello I am back. Little Rocket sent off to his first day at big school. There where some tears and then happy smiles as he was reunited with all his friends so all is good. I am here at my desk trying to get back into work mode again and I have discovered a great new magazine to get me in the mood.
At last a magazine just dedicated to surface pattern Moyo Magazine. If you like pattern design and sneak peaks into designers studios then you will love this magazine.  Enjoy.