Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Friday Step away from the computer

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Hello and a happy fun Friday to you.  I wanted to share some plans I have of cosy things to do tucked up a on a winters night. I have been spending to much time on the computer lately. Partly because we don't own a TV in our house so the temptation to surf at night after staring at the screen all day is there.

1. Start making cushions and making the house feel more cosy. I found a great tutorial here by the author  Brett Bara of the book sew in a straight line. I am not good at putting zips into things so this tutorial was great. Share you my handy work later on. So far I have made one cushion  whoo hoo.
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2. Start baking some recipes from my book I bought in the summer inspired my trip to Denmark.
I bought my book Nordic Bakery Cook book here at this gorgeous shop Fritz Hansen for all things Scandinavian. will be planning some relaxed Sunday afternoons with friends drinking coffee and eating some Scandi baking.
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3. Do some Patching. I found these great templates in Ray stitch store . Our lovely quilt we bought in India on our honey moon is disintegrating , MM well we have been married quite a bit now. It's time for aa new quilt . I guess knowing me it will be by Spring time that I actually finish it. Hey I am going to give it a try.

What  fun plans do you have for the Winter evenings?

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