Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Friday Halloween things

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Hello Halloween is just around the corner. Here are five fun things I found around the web for some Halloween ideas for the kids. It's half term holidays here in London so I will be having a blog break next week. See you back on 5th of November.
Have fun with your Halloween celebrations.

Found  some lovely ideas via Bloseme Kids

Great ideas for DIY costumes and party ideas here at Oh Happy Day  I love this blog.

This fun new jewellery shop  by designer Patricia Nicolas that's just opened up a few weeks ago in London's East End has great jewels to wear to a Halloween party.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From my desk this week

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Susse Ltd ©

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My patterned Life around the house:

Hello how are you? I am busy working on new patterns for my portfolio just now. I am currently working on a self study course over at Pattern Observer. I am really enjoying the process just now. It has been a refresher in pattern making and designing.  Helping me to be more focus too : ). I don't want to give to much away about the actual course.
Here are some photos above from an exercise I had to do. Really look at my environment the things I wear and surround myself with. Look at my doodles in my sketchbooks. I had a eureka moment doing this. even if your not intending to design something it's quite interesting to take random pictures of your belonging's and see your style laid out before you.  If you are interested in making surface patterns or need a refresher like me then I recommend you check out Pattern Observer and the great courses and resources they have on offer.

I might share some more of my design eureka moments next week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Add fun to your year

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Hello nearly November. The nights and morning are getting darker and winter is just around the corner. Here is the second last calender page of 2012 for you to enjoy and download for your wall.  Keep warm out there .

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Friday Competition time

Enter to win the Wild Woodland Collection 

Competition Time Susse Ltd ©

Hello welcome to another Fun Friday. I have some  good news today I am launching a competition here at Susse Collection. To celebrate the launch of the new limited edition print collection Wild Woodland at Susse five things store you now have a change to win the entire set of prints and comes in a special Tote bag. Nice prize for you or a nice gift for the holidays.

This all you have to do to enter is sign up for our mailing list and we will pull your name out of a hat on Friday the 16th of November  we will announce the winner. Don't worry for those of you have recently joined our new mailing list you will also be included.

Good luck : )

Have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From my desk this week

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Hello and as you can see I have been busy updating my products for my  Susse 5 things shop. My original plan was to bring 5 things every month but I guess I was not really thinking about the time I really have so I have decided to go with each season now.  I am sorry it's taken so long to update the shop. Here it is my new collection of limited edition signed prints.  I have been really inspired by son's little stories he makes up on the way to school. One in particular the black bear living in the woods.  My son says he is sleeping in a particular tree on route to the school. He has a great imagination just now. I took the idea further and created Wild Woodlands. It's time to put on your woolly hat and scarf and take a walk in the wild wood. You might just meet a flirty fox or a big bear. You might find a nice gift for someone. On Friday I will be announcing a competition so see you then.

Talking a walk in the woods Susse Ltd ©
Big Bear in the  Woods Susse Ltd ©

Wild woodlands Susse Ltd ©
Kitten in Mittens Susse Ltd ©
Flirty Fox Susse Ltd ©

Monday, October 15, 2012

Craft Night Halloween trick or treat

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Whhoooooo hellooo. So it's not long till Halloween night. Here's some  two projects you can do with your kids on a cold Autumn night with  this Susse download.

Project one: Halloween party Garland

You can print the images onto card and cut them out and with a needle and thread sew through the card and make a some cute bunting to hand up for a Halloween party.  Or hang them individually around  the house from the ceiling.

Susse Ltd ©

Project Two: Trick or Treat Bag

You can print the download onto some transfer paper for T-shirts. I used transer paper  for Dark fabrics. You can find dinky party bags here at The clever baggers and they are great  gifts and can be recycled for next year. I decided to add some extra stitching to my design.
Susse Ltd © 

Susse Ltd ©

It would be great to see your finished pieces. If your a member of our Facebook page you can upload them there. Happy Trick or Treating.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun Friday calm mummy

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Hello and I hope your having a fun Friday. OK so time keeping and organisation might not sound like a fun topic but I wanted to share with you my new discoveries on time keeping and keeping organised.
Hopefully becoming a calm mummy.
As a Mum going back to full time work has been a bit of challenge and especially when you have your  limited  time slot of school hours during the day are so precious.
We call it prime time in our house. Pre- kido I wonder what I use to do with my time?
Working for yourself it easy get distracted and the day is gone you lost your focus. Making time up in the evening is not the solution either. You end up tired grumpy and very unproductive and anti social.

Here are five apps that I found really useful and hopefully make me a clam mummy.

Save your browsing on-line articles of interest and then read them at night or at time you have free. i.e maybe having a coffee break somewhere.
Not using your precious prime time surfing and getting distracted.

 I am a huge fan of this technique read up more here You can find some simple Pomodoro timer apps.
The idea is you give a task it's 100% focus no surfing! no flipping through magazines ! no checking mail! no texting! no cleaning up the office ! Just sit down and do that task. The alarm goes off and you have a break for 5 minutes. Get up walk around have a glass of water. After 4 sessions of Pomodoro you have a 15 minute break go out side have a walk or dash to a coffee shop. 
Once I have dropped Rocket off to school it's sit down and get going on a task and it really kicks my day off.

I love this application and it works on all your devices and synchronises with them all. I am a the queen of unfinished note books. My husband laughs at the pile of note books I have. I am have to mentally stop myself when I am in stationery shop.  I think Oooh!! I need a new notebook. Not any more. I can have them all digitally at my finger tips. To do list making is easy now. 
So far I am feeling organised  and calm now.

Another great application that works on all your devices and synchronises. I love that I can store all my documents and photos and if you lose your lap top and phone everything is still there. No tears.

Great for browsing and finding new blogs and articles that are trending on-line. I love to save the articles to Evernote or add to pocket. Saves on all those paper mountains and PDF files on your computer.

Do you have any fun ideas on time keeping and organisation. Keeping calm when using your prime time?

Have a fun weekend see you next week.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From my desk this week

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Hello from my desk this week. My Holiday shop is now open.  If you are starting to think I need some cards or gifts for the holiday season.Visit society6  there's lots of great things to find there. A wealth of artistic styles to suit most peoples taste. Find that special gift that's a little different.

Here's  a selection  of  some of my own designs for the Holiday season. Prints cards, and cases for
i- phones.

I had fun making theses designs I hope you enjoy them too.
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Susse Ltd ©

Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Night Tulip cushion

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Hello and welcome back this week. Here is another little craft night project I wanted to share with you.

Things you will need:

  • One cushion cover
  • coloured wool felt grey,yellow,black I bought my felt from here 
  • printer
  • template
  • scissors 
  • hand sewing needles
  • pins
  • iron
  • sewing thread
  • embroidery thread in white and hand sewing thread in yellow,grey and black.

This is an easy project to do. Just requires some hand sewing skills. I made the cushion cover using this tutorial here at sewing in a straight line  it is about 30 cm square made of organic cotton but you can just buy a plain cover and decorate it yourself.

Download and print the template cut out your shapes.  Trace around your paper template shapes .
Cut out your coloured felt shapes and arrange and pin them on to your cushion cover.

Susse Ltd ©
Susse Ltd ©

First hand sew your shapes along the edge in matching thread. Then remove pins and randomly hand sew some spots in white embroidery thread on the grey leaves.

Susse Ltd ©

The randomly straight stitch on the yellow flower head in straight stitch in random sizes.
Press it on the reverse so you don't melt the felt and there you have it a Sunny tulip cushion to add some fun to your bed ,chair or couch.

Susse Ltd ©

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Friday five favourite haberdashery places

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Hello it's fun Friday again. I hope your having a fun Friday out there today. With the nights getting darker and working on my Craft night projects I thought I would share my local places to get all those goodies for a great night in sewing. So if your in the area I highly recommend these stores for inspiration. Many of them hold classes if you want to learn how to sew. Have a great weekend see you Monday.

Fun Friday five favourite haberdashery places

  1. Our patterned hand
  2. Fabrications
  3. Beyond Fabrics
  4. William Gee
  5. Dalston Mill Fabrics

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From my desk this week

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Hello from my desk this week. As you can see  I am working on some Happy Holiday designs. Lots of happy woodland creatures playing in the snow.
Getting ready for the Susse Christmas shop. I know it seems a few months off  until Christmas but I thought I would show you a sneak peak. I will let you know the exact release date soon.
If you haven't already done so you can sign up for my newsletter and be the first in the know about what's happening at Susse Collection.

Have a good week.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Add fun to your year

Hello well it's October already September just whizzed by. Here is another free Calender download for you to enjoy this month . He's quite friendly Halloween cat and maybe he will bring some good luck to you this month. Happy trick or treating this month.