Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Night Tulip cushion

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Hello and welcome back this week. Here is another little craft night project I wanted to share with you.

Things you will need:

  • One cushion cover
  • coloured wool felt grey,yellow,black I bought my felt from here 
  • printer
  • template
  • scissors 
  • hand sewing needles
  • pins
  • iron
  • sewing thread
  • embroidery thread in white and hand sewing thread in yellow,grey and black.

This is an easy project to do. Just requires some hand sewing skills. I made the cushion cover using this tutorial here at sewing in a straight line  it is about 30 cm square made of organic cotton but you can just buy a plain cover and decorate it yourself.

Download and print the template cut out your shapes.  Trace around your paper template shapes .
Cut out your coloured felt shapes and arrange and pin them on to your cushion cover.

Susse Ltd ©
Susse Ltd ©

First hand sew your shapes along the edge in matching thread. Then remove pins and randomly hand sew some spots in white embroidery thread on the grey leaves.

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The randomly straight stitch on the yellow flower head in straight stitch in random sizes.
Press it on the reverse so you don't melt the felt and there you have it a Sunny tulip cushion to add some fun to your bed ,chair or couch.

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