Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From my desk this week

Susse Ltd ©

Hello and as you can see I have been busy updating my products for my  Susse 5 things shop. My original plan was to bring 5 things every month but I guess I was not really thinking about the time I really have so I have decided to go with each season now.  I am sorry it's taken so long to update the shop. Here it is my new collection of limited edition signed prints.  I have been really inspired by son's little stories he makes up on the way to school. One in particular the black bear living in the woods.  My son says he is sleeping in a particular tree on route to the school. He has a great imagination just now. I took the idea further and created Wild Woodlands. It's time to put on your woolly hat and scarf and take a walk in the wild wood. You might just meet a flirty fox or a big bear. You might find a nice gift for someone. On Friday I will be announcing a competition so see you then.

Talking a walk in the woods Susse Ltd ©
Big Bear in the  Woods Susse Ltd ©

Wild woodlands Susse Ltd ©
Kitten in Mittens Susse Ltd ©
Flirty Fox Susse Ltd ©

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