Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun Friday calm mummy

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Hello and I hope your having a fun Friday. OK so time keeping and organisation might not sound like a fun topic but I wanted to share with you my new discoveries on time keeping and keeping organised.
Hopefully becoming a calm mummy.
As a Mum going back to full time work has been a bit of challenge and especially when you have your  limited  time slot of school hours during the day are so precious.
We call it prime time in our house. Pre- kido I wonder what I use to do with my time?
Working for yourself it easy get distracted and the day is gone you lost your focus. Making time up in the evening is not the solution either. You end up tired grumpy and very unproductive and anti social.

Here are five apps that I found really useful and hopefully make me a clam mummy.

Save your browsing on-line articles of interest and then read them at night or at time you have free. i.e maybe having a coffee break somewhere.
Not using your precious prime time surfing and getting distracted.

 I am a huge fan of this technique read up more here You can find some simple Pomodoro timer apps.
The idea is you give a task it's 100% focus no surfing! no flipping through magazines ! no checking mail! no texting! no cleaning up the office ! Just sit down and do that task. The alarm goes off and you have a break for 5 minutes. Get up walk around have a glass of water. After 4 sessions of Pomodoro you have a 15 minute break go out side have a walk or dash to a coffee shop. 
Once I have dropped Rocket off to school it's sit down and get going on a task and it really kicks my day off.

I love this application and it works on all your devices and synchronises with them all. I am a the queen of unfinished note books. My husband laughs at the pile of note books I have. I am have to mentally stop myself when I am in stationery shop.  I think Oooh!! I need a new notebook. Not any more. I can have them all digitally at my finger tips. To do list making is easy now. 
So far I am feeling organised  and calm now.

Another great application that works on all your devices and synchronises. I love that I can store all my documents and photos and if you lose your lap top and phone everything is still there. No tears.

Great for browsing and finding new blogs and articles that are trending on-line. I love to save the articles to Evernote or add to pocket. Saves on all those paper mountains and PDF files on your computer.

Do you have any fun ideas on time keeping and organisation. Keeping calm when using your prime time?

Have a fun weekend see you next week.

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