Thursday, November 8, 2012

From my desk this week

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Hello I am back. I have had busy week last week with Rocket. We had a great time around the city doing lots of Halloween things.  It always takes me few days to get back into the swing of things. I am back working on my e-course having fun. Although I am trying to fight of the first winter cold ahh. Echinacea is doing the trick. I am been zooming about the Internet looking into the future for  trends. It's been fun. I have discovered this useful tool through one of the other members of the course called mood share. If your designer you will find it useful. I have been using Ever note but this is better tool.

I have also joined the Pinterest community. Hopefully getting some inspiring imagery up there for the world to enjoy. You can follow me here.

Off out in the city tomorrow for some live field research so I will try to take lots of pictures and
share with you whats going on in  the streets of  London right now.
Bye for now have a lovely week.

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