Thursday, November 29, 2012

From my desk this week


Hello from my desk this week. I had a bit of a wake up call this week. Apparently I am stressed?
Like most of us out there. You think I am fine, I am not stressed life's good, why should I be stressed?. I guess the signs where there all the tiny health issues throughout the year. The answers always is your stressed. So I have decided to take responsibility for my  health and self care. A common mistake Mums make all the time. To busy making sure the rest of the world is fine.
I have restarted practising Yoga and also not feeling guilty taking an hour out of  my day  twice a week for myself and to take a class. I guess it's the start of a new resolution or habit. I am reading the Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R.Covey and learning some good lessons along the way.

This is my message to you busy parents, self business owners or busy busy people.
Don't ignore your tiny health issues and make a point of taking your self care a priority. You won't busy busy anymore.
Start the year 2013 in good form ready to take on the next challenges and goals you will face through out the year.
Bye from a less stressed ready to create some great things Susse XX

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