Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Add fun to your New Year
Hello I know most of us are still rushing around getting ready for holiday celebrations me included.
So I am finishing up for the year on my blog. School holidays start later on today so I am going to be in Mum mode for the next few weeks enjoying the holidays with my family and friends. Here is a little Happy New Year gift for you to make. Two party hats to bring in the New Year and I hope that you all have an awesome 2013.

Easy to make just download the templates and print onto some light weight card.
Follow the shape and cut them out.
The party hat you just make a cone shape and glue the side and add some stretchy elastic thread to attached to your head.

The party crown glue the two sides together you might need to adjust to fit your head and trim any excess card at the top and sides.
You can add some glitter and rhine stones to add some New Year sparkle.

P.S If you make the hats send me a photo it would be nice to see andI can put them on the blog next year.

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