Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From my desk this week

Copyright The Vera Company

Copyright The Vera Company

Copyright The Vera Company

Copyright The Vera Company

Copyright The Vera Company
Hello from my desk this week. Look at my new book"The Art and Life of an Icon by Susan Seid. I just received last week. A book I have had my eye on for quite sometime. I had a little money left over from Christmas and my birthday so I decided to splurge on some new art books. This book is so full of colour and sunshine. It has really given me lots of inspiration this week. Just reading about Vera's story is also uplifting and inspring too. Vera  Neumann was one of the first American artists who brought her colourful brand of art to the masses. Applied her cheery designs to many everyday products and surfaces. She started her company with husband in a little studio flat and produced a line of hand printed napkins and table cloths and grew into an International business. Constantly travelling the world to gather her inspiration.

I love some of her  quotes in the book for example.
"It dosen't matter where I go so long as I break my routine and see new things."
Too true I think you have step away from your desk/computer and explore new things and experiences in real time. Something we can all forget now and again to do.

So heres a little shot of sunshine from the Sun shine lady herself Vera Neumann who always strived to create art that was bright,happy and inspirational.

"Color sings to me.Color is such a marvelous way of expressing emotion. We have so many problems in this world;color just brings a little bit of joy into our lives. " Vera Neumann

Monday, January 28, 2013

Add fun to your year

Hello and I hope your weekend was a good one. Here is another calendar page to celebrate February Yummy Pancake day. Usually February in London can be a tough one. It's a short month but it always feels the longest as we eagerly wait for spring lighter days and evenings. Thank fully there is Pancake day on the 12th of February and Valentines day to keep us distracted.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday fun get organised
Happy Friday. I hope your week has been good for you. Here is a little gift for you. A Susse weekly planner to print and keep. I thought I would share it with you as it is part of my New Year you getting organised and managing my time goal. I found it really useful to have something visual on the wall. Although I love my google calendar and reminders alarms keep pinging away on my phone and computer.
You can't quite beat the visual repensation of your week ahead things and goals you need to do. So I hope you have fun using it and like me realising that maybe taking your goals and to dos in manageable small chunks will help you achieve your desired goals.
Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From my desk this week
Hello from my desk this week.  I am sharing my thoughts this week on managing time, creating more balance and being realistic about how much time do I have to spend on work and goals along with balancing family/social life.

It has always been a constant kind of stress ever since becoming a Mum trying to juggle my time.
I have an amazing supportive husband but his job is long hours and often involves long spells abroad. He dose what he can on the family front. I never was that lucky finding the magical day care centre that didn't have a zillion kids on it's waiting list.  The past years it has all been about working through the nap times, working in the evenings.  I have been delving into the books trying to find the right answer. On  how do you mange your time as a Mum and still go forward with your own personal plans goals and work.  Maybe have more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. I always feel I have to pack every spare moment I have for myself cramming it with my creativity and ideas. Which is not the best way to go forward with creative ideas. Well it's doesn't really work for me.

Here is my new system I thought I would share with you. I use my google calendar and I find it so useful. I instantly type in an event and the alarm reminder is helpful (if a bit annoying sometimes.) but it still hidden in the cloud and not right there in front of me.

Keeping it visual I made a huge wall planner on the wall. I found a free one over here and printed it off.  It is now taped to the studio wall. I then used some MT tape and marked out all the school holidays and weekends Rocket is home. I call this time Mum duty.
This wall plan really helped me see the time I have to do work during the day and now go forth with my planned projects and realistically see what time scale I do have to achieve my projects and goals.
It also makes me work out what kind of child care I might need to put in place and cost it out and work out how much I have to earn to cover the cost. When I would have to switch to the night shift.

Also help plan in family holiday time, friend time and me time (something which I realised I just don't factor into my week)

I used post it notes to plan product launches,projects and even blog posts. They are easy to move around to change dates and time frame to complete  project.

Maybe you would like to use this system too. Even if your not a parent you might find it useful if your working your day job and launching a new business and working the night shift.
I will keep you posted on my progress but it certainly has made me think clearer and feeling a bit lighter and less anxious about time. Do you have a good system to manage your time?

P.S. I did forget to factor in the surprise days i.e school closures for snowy days and family sick days : )
But that's just part of life's little surprises.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentines gift guide at Papernstitch

Copyright of Papernstitch.com
Valentines day is just round the corner. Paperstitch gift guide seeing red might just have the answer to a thoughtful gift. Even better Susse Collection had a mention. Thank you Papernstitch.

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year You Year of the butterfly

Hello I hope your having a great start to the week. It's cold, dark and snowy here in London town but here is a sunny spring picture to cheer you up. It's my optimistic view for my year ahead.
I have been thinking about my New Year You goals. I like to think of these instead of New Year resolutions because I find resolution to hard to stick to.

Last year I wrote down on my blog some goals I wanted to achieve and it really helped me to go for them. Some worked some not but all in all it was a good process for me to do.
This year I have decide my big New year goal is to have a Butterfly year.
I feel I have been hiding in my chrysalis working away on new ideas discovering my new self.
The changes I have experienced over past few years living in a new country, coming back to London, becoming a parent. I definitely feel a big change in myself but I also feel ready to spread my wings and explore and find new things and approaches to life. view the world in a different way.

My things I want to focus on this year are

Health - I really came to a low point during the holidays ended up with really bad chest infection which I have had now for three months. I felt awful, my immune system gone, in bed for days with a temp of 40 + and a trip to the hospital for an x-ray was not on my fun list of to do's in the holidays. I am on the mend now. But it really made me think about being more proactive about my self care and really listening to my body. make sure I don't get into a mess like that again.

Balance- This goes hand in hand with health but I want to create more balance in my life focus on my relationships, family time and me time. Feeling okay about having me time. Creating good working practices and work/life balance. Managing  my time.

Action-  I feel like being more proactive and taking action. I feel get to caught up in the theory and book reading and need to implement those ideas and put them into action.

Creativity- I would like to bring more creativity into different aspects of my life. Not just focusing on making my artwork. Enjoying more creative outlets nurturing creativity. I haven't decided what they are yet. : )

Promotion- This is hard one for my because I am an introvert and find it hard to blow my own trumpet I guess I will find the tools to promote my self to the world so watch this space.

I guess this is not my usual short and sweet post and I feel weird posting my thoughts here on my blog but it did help me last year putting it all down in black and white.

Are you planning to have a chrysalis year learning and growing from within or are you going to have a butterfly year and spread your wings?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From my desk this week

Susse Ltd ©

Susse Ltd ©

Susse Ltd ©
Hello from my desk this week. I just added a couple of extra limited edition prints to the Susse Shop.
Just in time for  Valentines day and say I love you with a love birds, love dog or love is in the air print. Something cute to keep and put on the wall as a reminder of your love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Be my Valentine Exhibition over at Paper n Stitch

Hello I have been invited to take part  in an on-line exhibition "Be my Valentine" at the great blog Paper n stitch. The blog that  focuses on business advice for crafters, DIY projects, home decor and features artists, makers, crafters and indie labels. 
The blog also features regular on-line exhibitions.This month it is "Be my Valentine" So say I love you to someone special and visit the exhibition of  art and great hand crafted gifts for Valentines day.
You can also find some new limited edition Susse prints just for Valentines day.

So find out more about the exhibition and great products on show here.

Susse Ltd ©

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun day thought

Hello. Here is my new mantra for 2013 I thought I would share it with you.
It's Easy !  I have been mulling over my new year thoughts and my yew year  you goals
I set last year for 2012. I guess one way to beat negative self talk in my head I thought saying "It's Easy" might just help me embark on my new goals.
I realised things I wanted to achieve last year where in fact not hard by in reality easy to achieve.
For example building and designing my own website or learning to ride a bike etc.
Okay so not everything is that easy in life but  I guess if  you set out with the thought "It's Easy" it might just help you go forward with confidence.
Here is my Fun day thought for you to down load and put up on the wall some where to remind you life can in fact sometimes be easy.

Do you have any New Year mantra's to get you through 2013?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

From my desk this week

Copyright Marimekko

Copyright Marimekko
Copyright Marimekko

Copyright Marimekko

Hello here is my first post for 2013 from my desk this week. I have been dusting down my desk and regaining access to my computer from a certain four  and half year old.
Here is my book inspiration to kick off a new creative year. I am focusing more on my textiles and surface design this year. What a better way to seek inspiration from Marimekko's new book In pattern. A sneak peak behind the scenes of some of it's contemporary designers and past designers. It covers sixty years of the companies designs. I love looking at the designers creative spaces (trying not to get studio envy)  The book demonstrates how their designers can add something special to the everyday objects you use on a daily basis bringing colour and happiness to your life. I hope I can achieve that with my designs one day : ).

It seems to be quite a rare book but you can purchases it here my husband gave me the book as a birthday gift he found  it here in London at Skandium
If your not so familiar with Marimekko have a browse at their colourful fun website. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Add fun to your Year

Hello and Happy New Year too you all. I am back in blogging land again.
Look I decided to keep my monthly calendar page going.
So here is January  2013. I know a bit late nearly half way through January already but I hope you enjoy it.
Wishing you a fantastic start to 2013.