Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From my desk this week
Hello from my desk this week.  I am sharing my thoughts this week on managing time, creating more balance and being realistic about how much time do I have to spend on work and goals along with balancing family/social life.

It has always been a constant kind of stress ever since becoming a Mum trying to juggle my time.
I have an amazing supportive husband but his job is long hours and often involves long spells abroad. He dose what he can on the family front. I never was that lucky finding the magical day care centre that didn't have a zillion kids on it's waiting list.  The past years it has all been about working through the nap times, working in the evenings.  I have been delving into the books trying to find the right answer. On  how do you mange your time as a Mum and still go forward with your own personal plans goals and work.  Maybe have more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. I always feel I have to pack every spare moment I have for myself cramming it with my creativity and ideas. Which is not the best way to go forward with creative ideas. Well it's doesn't really work for me.

Here is my new system I thought I would share with you. I use my google calendar and I find it so useful. I instantly type in an event and the alarm reminder is helpful (if a bit annoying sometimes.) but it still hidden in the cloud and not right there in front of me.

Keeping it visual I made a huge wall planner on the wall. I found a free one over here and printed it off.  It is now taped to the studio wall. I then used some MT tape and marked out all the school holidays and weekends Rocket is home. I call this time Mum duty.
This wall plan really helped me see the time I have to do work during the day and now go forth with my planned projects and realistically see what time scale I do have to achieve my projects and goals.
It also makes me work out what kind of child care I might need to put in place and cost it out and work out how much I have to earn to cover the cost. When I would have to switch to the night shift.

Also help plan in family holiday time, friend time and me time (something which I realised I just don't factor into my week)

I used post it notes to plan product launches,projects and even blog posts. They are easy to move around to change dates and time frame to complete  project.

Maybe you would like to use this system too. Even if your not a parent you might find it useful if your working your day job and launching a new business and working the night shift.
I will keep you posted on my progress but it certainly has made me think clearer and feeling a bit lighter and less anxious about time. Do you have a good system to manage your time?

P.S. I did forget to factor in the surprise days i.e school closures for snowy days and family sick days : )
But that's just part of life's little surprises.

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