Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year You Year of the butterfly

Hello I hope your having a great start to the week. It's cold, dark and snowy here in London town but here is a sunny spring picture to cheer you up. It's my optimistic view for my year ahead.
I have been thinking about my New Year You goals. I like to think of these instead of New Year resolutions because I find resolution to hard to stick to.

Last year I wrote down on my blog some goals I wanted to achieve and it really helped me to go for them. Some worked some not but all in all it was a good process for me to do.
This year I have decide my big New year goal is to have a Butterfly year.
I feel I have been hiding in my chrysalis working away on new ideas discovering my new self.
The changes I have experienced over past few years living in a new country, coming back to London, becoming a parent. I definitely feel a big change in myself but I also feel ready to spread my wings and explore and find new things and approaches to life. view the world in a different way.

My things I want to focus on this year are

Health - I really came to a low point during the holidays ended up with really bad chest infection which I have had now for three months. I felt awful, my immune system gone, in bed for days with a temp of 40 + and a trip to the hospital for an x-ray was not on my fun list of to do's in the holidays. I am on the mend now. But it really made me think about being more proactive about my self care and really listening to my body. make sure I don't get into a mess like that again.

Balance- This goes hand in hand with health but I want to create more balance in my life focus on my relationships, family time and me time. Feeling okay about having me time. Creating good working practices and work/life balance. Managing  my time.

Action-  I feel like being more proactive and taking action. I feel get to caught up in the theory and book reading and need to implement those ideas and put them into action.

Creativity- I would like to bring more creativity into different aspects of my life. Not just focusing on making my artwork. Enjoying more creative outlets nurturing creativity. I haven't decided what they are yet. : )

Promotion- This is hard one for my because I am an introvert and find it hard to blow my own trumpet I guess I will find the tools to promote my self to the world so watch this space.

I guess this is not my usual short and sweet post and I feel weird posting my thoughts here on my blog but it did help me last year putting it all down in black and white.

Are you planning to have a chrysalis year learning and growing from within or are you going to have a butterfly year and spread your wings?

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