Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fun Morning rituals

Happy Friday. Here's a thought for you? Do you have a morning ritual to help you get  motivated with your work for the day? Today I am had a really hard time getting going today my mind is all over the place. I had a bit of block creatively and with this blog post today.  I have been suffering from that end of winter tiredness my eyes just won't open until midday. I have been reading a new book this week
  I just like to make things by Lilla Rodgers studio.

Copyright of Lilla Rogers studio

It's a great little book of inspiration and I love it with some great advice and helpful tips for newbies and veterans in the creative industry. One of the things in the book they talk about morning rituals I guess I wanted to share my morning ritual with you. The two things I love to do to wake myself up. I have really hard time in the winter waking up.
Here's my morning ritual.After the mad rush in the morning which I do in zombie mode. I walk with my son to school and go for a long walk in my favourite winter boots around the neighbourhood about 30/40 minutes. Which is really nice just now as the mornings are sunny and crisp and chilly.

 I love  my new coffee pot my friend gave me at Christmas time. I make myself a lovely hot fresh coffee and sit down to my desk and doodle and sketch and plan my day ahead. Plug myself into Monocle 24 Radio or Groove shark and listen to my play lists. I am on my way. How about you do you have a morning ritual?

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