Friday, March 29, 2013

Craft Night Easter Garland Egg Hunt Game

Susse Easter Garland  © Susse Ltd 2013

Susse Easter Garland  © Susse Ltd 2013

Susse Easter Garland  © Susse Ltd 2013

Hello I hope your having Fun this Good Friday. Here is my last printable project for you to enjoy.
An Easter garland of Susse Eastery things to cut out and decorate your home.
This is one you can do with any bored kids. I used cotton and thread I have sewen through the paper but you could easily just use some tape on the back of cut outs.
Another suggestion is having an egg hunt game. Place the cut outs around the house for your kids to find them. For everyone they find they get a mini egg prize. That should keep them occupied today.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter break. I hope you have  a great one with Family and friends.
I will be popping in now and again maybe not as much as I do regularly see you soon.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From my desk this week Creativity

Susse Styling © Susse Ltd

Hello from my desk this week. My main focus this week is Creativity another one of my New Year You goals for the year.
I wanted to bring more aspects of creativity into my life not just in my work. I had another ah ha !! moment while working on my right brain business plan.
I started to ask myself what was is it I enjoy the most. I love colour although my home is not particularly colourful or I wear colourful clothes. Colour just makes me feel incredibly happy. I guess I really want to have more colour in my everyday life in my home, clothing and my work.
I am always attracted to any blog or magazine that is beautifully styled and with great colourful images. Even in my art work I always love working with textures of fabric or paper and playing with the colour and textures not really in a flat medium.

When I had my AH HA!! moment I quickly wrote this down the words  Styling Attraction.
It made think about styling more in my life and maybe more in my blog.
I really enjoyed  putting my Easter projects together for you . Styling and photographing them. I know they are a bit amateurish I had fun with the whole process. I guess with time I could really improve and get to grips with my lighting with my photography. I found it quite inspirational for  my own design work just thinking in a different way.

I guess working in my Right brain business plan is really starting to open my mind to things I really didn't see before. Any way just a rambling thoughts from my desk this week.

Susse styling cards © Susse Ltd

Monday, March 25, 2013

Craft Night Easter Mini Cards

Susse Collection mini Easter Cards  © Susse Ltd 2013
Susse Collection mini Easter Cards  © Susse Ltd 2013

Hello happy Monday not long now till the Easter holidays. we will be spending it London and looking forward to  going to lots of fun things with Rocket. Here as promised is some more free printables some cute Easter mini cards to say hello to friends via snail mail. Or attached to any Easter pressies you might be gifting. Enjoy them have a good week.

Susse Collection mini Easter Cards  Template © Susse Ltd 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Friday Craft Night Easter Papers

Susse Easter Wrapping Papers © Susse Ltd 2013

Susse Easter Wrapping Papers © Susse Ltd 2013

Happy Friday. Sorry I have been neglecting my blog and other social places this week. I am really putting the pedal down this week ( still not working evenings though) to get projects completed before the Easter school holidays start. So maybe even more neglect on my blog etc as I keep Mr Rocket entertained over the next three weeks.  I will try and pop in from time to time.
As promised this Monday I would have some printable papers for you to use for any Easter craftiness you wish to take part in. All inspired my obsession of  spring pastel pop colours.

I hope you have fun with them. If you use any of them post them of Facebook it would be great to see.

More fun printables coming soon.

Susse Easter Wrapping Papers © Susse Ltd 2013

Susse Easter Wrapping Papers © Susse Ltd 2013

Susse Easter Wrapping Papers © Susse Ltd 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

From my desk this week the general mood

Pastel Pop view from my desk at Susse Collection © Susse Ltd 2013

Hello from my desk this week I just wanted to share the general mood here in my studio the past few days. I have gone all pastel pop and in a desperate attempt to create a Spring mood. While the sky is black and the hail stones tap on my window. I look at my wall infront of me and at these lovely spring pastel colours and say to my self spring will arrive soon, spring WILL arrive soon. Over the next few blog post to come.  I will be sharing some fun Easter printables and projects so watch this space for some pastel pop colours and patterns.
Have a good week and remember spring will be arriving soon .

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Friday Let's Get Springy

Hello here are some new things for spring over at my society 6 shop. Which I have finally updated with lots of new Susse things.  All featuring my own original artwork using collaged paper and line drawings. New throw pillows, new i pad case and prints. If you have just spring cleaned your home might want some happy Susse things to brighten up your home. So let's get Springy..

To celebrate the new spring collection there is free shipping when you order from my Society6 store now through to March 17, 2013 at midnight Pacific time code here

*Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

Say hello to spring with this spring bird  available at my Society 6 store Copyright © Susse Ltd

Say hello to spring with this spring butterfly in the garden available at my Society 6 store   Copyright © Susse Ltd

Say hello to spring with this spring large framed print of Mrs Bug in a spring garden available at my Society 6 store   Copyright © Susse Ltd

Say hello to spring with this i phone case and mr Bug available at my Society 6 store   Copyright © Susse Ltd

Say hello to spring with this Easter bunny i pad case available at my Society 6 store   Copyright © Susse Ltd

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From my desk this week Action

Let's goo Susse Copyright ©Susse Ltd 2013
Hello from my desk this week. It's all about ACTION this week here in my studio another new year you goal it's part of my being a butterfly year. It's action time I have been in my chrysalis for quite some time feel like I have quite out grown it now. The past two weeks I have been truly inspired by the Right Brain business plan summit. You can still enjoy at your own pace here. I crammed a lot of inspiring information. I realised some of it is was ringing true with some of my ah ha moments and thoughts I have been having lately. In my current approach and past ways to running my tiny micro business.
I think my take aways from it was about

  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Well if you don't try?
  • Not waiting till things are perfect.
  • Conserve your energy find your points of the day for creative energy.
  • Stop running around in circles ( I have done so much of that I am truly dizzy.)
  • Having systems to my business suits my crazy messy creative brain.
  • Following what makes you truly happy.
  • Being authentic
  • Attraction not promotion.
  • The power of having a vision.
I am sure more ah ha's will come in the future and I will share them with you .

So here I am butterfly wings ready taking a big spring forward let's go .....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Keeping to the plan and making stuff

Detail of Susse cushion Copyright © Susse Ltd

Detail of Susse cushion Copyright © Susse Ltd

Detail of Susse cushion Copyright © Susse Ltd

Happy Monday here is a show and tell for you. Remember I was in Spring cleaning mode a few weeks ago. I finally finished a project off a few weekends ago. I often have bags of unfinished sowing projects floating around the house. I finally sorted and de cluttered those bags in my studio. I made this hand embroidered cushion just as a personal piece for our living room. I am hoping to make more and show you the whole group.  It sometimes nice to just make things just for the fun of it and I  think it often it dose spark off other creative ideas.

I started to day dream about making theses cushion for sale but I have to say it took a long time to make. I also had to say to myself hang on a minute Susse is this part of my plan just now? No it's not part of the plan just now. Planning is very much my focus this month. It's hard when you have a creative brain whizzing with so many ideas so much you want to do and you have to tell yourself is it where you want to go just now? I was wondering if you have that problem keeping your ideas in check and sticking to the plan?  Have a great week see you soon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Friday Say I love you Mum

Hello and it's Friday hooray nearly the weekend. For those of you living in the UK it's Mother's day on Sunday. If your having a opps!! I forgot moment you can use this card to download and print to give to your Mum. As we like that kind of thing being a Mum myself. Have a lovely weekend. See back on Monday.

Susse Collection Mother's day card free printable.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From my desk this week Balance

Creating Balance in your life Copyright © Susse Ltd

Hello from my desk this week. I feel I might have slightly bombarded everyone with my new products  this week over at twitter facebook and pinterest . So I guess it's time to lift lid as it where whats been going on  behind the scenes and my thoughts on Balance. Getting some great business thought simulation from the web this week.

As you might of remembered  one of my New Year goals was about Balance.  This week there was a strange synergy  with a great pod cast from Grace Bonnie over at Design sponge  about The importance of being in the present. If your a business owner it is worth listening too. I also tweeted ages ago another post cast by Grace about work life balance which sparked my thoughts originally about Balancing it all. I was just thinking about my new approach to my day this week.  Managing the Balance and hopefully improving my health too. Heres some little tweaks I have implemented into my day I would like to share with you. It's more about managing my time to create some balance.

  • I found my best time for focus and creativity is from 9 am till 1pm so I really achieve a so much creative work then. I go out and have a proper lunch break and have a walk and recharge myself. Finish up smaller tasks in the afternoon.
  • I have been making a weekly plan instead of daily to do list something I recently picked up from the book Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey.  This system is really working for me. I am flying through my to do's now. Helps cope with those little surprises life curve ball you with.
  • I have stopped trying to work in the evening. I feel so much better for it.  It's hard as I always had workaholic tendencies a bit of ah ah moment this week about this in my thoughts. Before having a child  I would always work about 16 hours a day feeling I had to do this because I worked for my self. Working in the evenings and weekends and maybe doing tasks if I thought about it I could have outsourced. I feel good resisting the work in the evening thing and Grace talks about a simliar thing her podcast.
  • I have set an alarm for 3 pm so I pack up tidy my studio space and get ready for picking up Rocket from school . Enjoy my time with him.

I definitely feeling those little tweaks in my day are helping achieve more balance in my life less stress and feeling a bit more energised.

I also I have been watching the video summit over at the  Right Brain Business Plan which you still have time to catch up on it your interested. I purchased the e-book before Christmas and working through it now. It is really working for me. As I really find I write something down or visualize an image and it happens!! I will let you know more about my ah has and  how the book is helping me move forward with my business through the weeks to come.
I have talked to much now. Have a great week and I hope your achieving some Balance to your life and ditching the stress monsters. Grrrrr.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lets Get Springy at the Susse Shop

Copyright© Susse Ltd

Hello and a Happy Monday to you.  The suns out here in London even though the woolly hats and mittens are staying on here in London town. Have you been getting ready for Spring and clearing the clutter and dust?  Maybe you would like one of my new limited edition prints for Spring to put you in the mood for spring and cheer up your home after the winter gloom. I have made a group of prints dedicated to to a spring garden where you will find Mr Bee and Mrs Bug busy making the garden nice for spring. Spring girl tending to her flowers and in the warmth of the spring sunshine where you might find a spring bird hopping amongst the flowers. Featuring a colour palette of great ,black red and zingy yellow.
Guaranteed to banish the winter gloom from your home or make a nice gift for a child's room or even for Mothers day gift. Its this weekend in the UK so don't forget your mum.
All my prints are limited edition prints digitally printed on cotton photo rag paper created by my self using hand cut paper and hand drawn motifs. All available for purchase today from my Susse Shop.
Springy Sunshine Limited edition Susse print available at the Susse Shop.

Mr Bee and Mrs Bug Limited edition Susse print available at the Susse Shop.

 Springy Bird Limited edition Susse print available at the Susse Shop.

Springy Garden Limited edition Susse print available at the Susse Shop.

 Springy Girl Limited edition Susse print available at the Susse Shop.

Friday, March 1, 2013

From my desk this week Getting Springy

Copyright © Susse Ltd 2013
Hello from my desk this week. Yes I am getting all Springy here in the studio. I have had my head down creating some new designs for the Susse shop and Society 6 shop.  Hopefully just in time for Mother's day here in the UK . Watch this space I will be realeasing them very soon.

If you sign up to my newsletter this month you will receive 10% discount code at the Susse shop and this lovely little guy Mr Easter bunny to print off as a Springy Easter card.

Sneaky peaky in my sketchbook of Springy ideas.
Copyright © Susse Ltd 2013

Copyright © Susse Ltd 2013

Copyright © Susse Ltd 2013