Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From my desk this week Action

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Hello from my desk this week. It's all about ACTION this week here in my studio another new year you goal it's part of my being a butterfly year. It's action time I have been in my chrysalis for quite some time feel like I have quite out grown it now. The past two weeks I have been truly inspired by the Right Brain business plan summit. You can still enjoy at your own pace here. I crammed a lot of inspiring information. I realised some of it is was ringing true with some of my ah ha moments and thoughts I have been having lately. In my current approach and past ways to running my tiny micro business.
I think my take aways from it was about

  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Well if you don't try?
  • Not waiting till things are perfect.
  • Conserve your energy find your points of the day for creative energy.
  • Stop running around in circles ( I have done so much of that I am truly dizzy.)
  • Having systems to my business suits my crazy messy creative brain.
  • Following what makes you truly happy.
  • Being authentic
  • Attraction not promotion.
  • The power of having a vision.
I am sure more ah ha's will come in the future and I will share them with you .

So here I am butterfly wings ready taking a big spring forward let's go .....

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