Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From my desk this week Balance

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Hello from my desk this week. I feel I might have slightly bombarded everyone with my new products  this week over at twitter facebook and pinterest . So I guess it's time to lift lid as it where whats been going on  behind the scenes and my thoughts on Balance. Getting some great business thought simulation from the web this week.

As you might of remembered  one of my New Year goals was about Balance.  This week there was a strange synergy  with a great pod cast from Grace Bonnie over at Design sponge  about The importance of being in the present. If your a business owner it is worth listening too. I also tweeted ages ago another post cast by Grace about work life balance which sparked my thoughts originally about Balancing it all. I was just thinking about my new approach to my day this week.  Managing the Balance and hopefully improving my health too. Heres some little tweaks I have implemented into my day I would like to share with you. It's more about managing my time to create some balance.

  • I found my best time for focus and creativity is from 9 am till 1pm so I really achieve a so much creative work then. I go out and have a proper lunch break and have a walk and recharge myself. Finish up smaller tasks in the afternoon.
  • I have been making a weekly plan instead of daily to do list something I recently picked up from the book Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey.  This system is really working for me. I am flying through my to do's now. Helps cope with those little surprises life curve ball you with.
  • I have stopped trying to work in the evening. I feel so much better for it.  It's hard as I always had workaholic tendencies a bit of ah ah moment this week about this in my thoughts. Before having a child  I would always work about 16 hours a day feeling I had to do this because I worked for my self. Working in the evenings and weekends and maybe doing tasks if I thought about it I could have outsourced. I feel good resisting the work in the evening thing and Grace talks about a simliar thing her podcast.
  • I have set an alarm for 3 pm so I pack up tidy my studio space and get ready for picking up Rocket from school . Enjoy my time with him.

I definitely feeling those little tweaks in my day are helping achieve more balance in my life less stress and feeling a bit more energised.

I also I have been watching the video summit over at the  Right Brain Business Plan which you still have time to catch up on it your interested. I purchased the e-book before Christmas and working through it now. It is really working for me. As I really find I write something down or visualize an image and it happens!! I will let you know more about my ah has and  how the book is helping me move forward with my business through the weeks to come.
I have talked to much now. Have a great week and I hope your achieving some Balance to your life and ditching the stress monsters. Grrrrr.

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