Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From my desk this week Creativity

Susse Styling © Susse Ltd

Hello from my desk this week. My main focus this week is Creativity another one of my New Year You goals for the year.
I wanted to bring more aspects of creativity into my life not just in my work. I had another ah ha !! moment while working on my right brain business plan.
I started to ask myself what was is it I enjoy the most. I love colour although my home is not particularly colourful or I wear colourful clothes. Colour just makes me feel incredibly happy. I guess I really want to have more colour in my everyday life in my home, clothing and my work.
I am always attracted to any blog or magazine that is beautifully styled and with great colourful images. Even in my art work I always love working with textures of fabric or paper and playing with the colour and textures not really in a flat medium.

When I had my AH HA!! moment I quickly wrote this down the words  Styling Attraction.
It made think about styling more in my life and maybe more in my blog.
I really enjoyed  putting my Easter projects together for you . Styling and photographing them. I know they are a bit amateurish I had fun with the whole process. I guess with time I could really improve and get to grips with my lighting with my photography. I found it quite inspirational for  my own design work just thinking in a different way.

I guess working in my Right brain business plan is really starting to open my mind to things I really didn't see before. Any way just a rambling thoughts from my desk this week.

Susse styling cards © Susse Ltd

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