Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From my desk this week. Love Blog Lovin

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Hello there. I hope you have had a nice Easter weekend. There is not much work going on at my desk this week however I am a taking advantage of the Easter holidays and now spring cleaning my digital files on my computer and my digital life in general. Being more organised and efficient with my computer and social media.
There has been so much talk around blog land recently about Blog lovin being an alternative to Google reader which is about to end soon. I was curious to find out more about blog lovin and I am loving it. My I pad has a HUGE reading list and now I can list all my favorite blogs in one place. Save some time by reading my daily e-mail from Blog lovin and see what's happening with my favorite blogs. I have added my blog too. You can follow me too. Not that I am there is much blogging going on with the Easter school holidays. I am having fun and becoming a whiz at assembling Lego kits theses days.

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