Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From my desk this week How the Sellable Sketch course made me focus

Hello from my desk this week. I wanted to share with you my experience of the Sellable Sketch course  created by Michelle Fifis over at Pattern Observer. I took the course last winter mainly to regain some focus with my business and achieve my goal of recreating surface patterns again. 

Are you an illustrator, artist or designer interested in creating patterns? Having a system in place to your design process. Then this is a really helpful course. For me the one thing it really did for me was give me focus and get me back on track with my designing days and approach to my work.  Over the past few months I have talked about time management and balancing Mum and work life. I have to say it has only been over the past few months that I realised how the sellable sketch course has been so beneficial to me.

My design process is thinking of my ideal customer creating a mood board for the customer and end products. Get working in my sketch books generating ideas. Then creating the original artwork and then getting to work on the computer. I am a more hands on designer I like to work with something physical and tactile like paper,fabric and paint so I use to find using the computer a bit of mental block. Working through my new process and tips and tricks from the sellable sketch course those blocks have disappeared. I get very excited about the possibilities there are using the computer to create designs now. The other great thing is you get to connect with other people on the course and share and discuss ideas. Ask questions about the surface pattern industry. As Michelle points out you can end up working in a bubble as a  designer. I found the sellable sketch course helped to pop those bubbles and have a focus on reality. Open up more possibilities with my designs and application of them. So maybe this might be something for you if your designer or artist looking to add more skills to your portfolio. Have a lovely week .

Thinking about your ideal customer Susse Ltd ©2013 

Doodling and sketching  Susse Ltd ©2013 
Original art work Susse Ltd ©2013 
Final digital design Susse Ltd ©2013 

You can find out more about the course and other e-courses over here.

                                                    The Sellable Sketch 160 px x 210 px

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