Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From my desk this week Tea Break

From my desk this week Tea break 
Hello from my desk this week. Not much working going on today I am all over the place this week. I always find that after a holiday break even if it's just one day. I have just been for an eye test eyes are all good. I managed to get a copy of issue 17 of Uppercase magazine on the way back home hooray. I tired to find a copy when I was in central London last week but it had sold out everywhere. I found one in my favorite fabric store Ray Stitch one  of the last two copies.
I am now going to enjoy a good read as it is an issue especially dedicated to stationery some of my favorite artists.
Then I might just get myself together and do some work this afternoon. In the background you can see some swimming ladies. I am experimenting more with paint this week. Also craving a proper holiday dreaming of floating in a blue turquoise sea somewhere. So I am getting a lot of inspiration from these thoughts this week Summer is coming soon.

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