Friday, May 24, 2013

It's not about the winning it's the taking part.

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Remember my post awhile back about Action. Yesterday I made a list of positive action and ran through it. This was inspired recently by a radio show I listened to by Design sponge about raising the bar for your business. I love listening to After the Jump shows and always come away feeling inspired. Highly recommend listening to this show especially if you feel in a negative cycle or hurdle you have to over come with your business just now.

So what was one of my Action steps I took yesterday?
I signed up for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent search. I have also mentioned the book I just like to make things by Lilla Rogers here.

I have known about the agency for a few years. I love some of the artist's work they represent. So when I read on their blog about their competition why not give it a go. (Well there was a lot of negative talk whizzing around my head at first and oh maybe not. What you thinking Miss Susse?)
I hope this isn't sounding that I am  to bonkers here.

Then I thought you know what Susse why not give it go?

I thought it's not about the winning it's the taking part. Learning for the whole experience. Taking a step along a new path. Meeting people and telling people about who your are and what you do.  I think only positive things will come from taking part. So here I am sharing the first part of my journey. If your are an artist interested in taking part in the journey why not have a go. Visit this link here 

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

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