Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Becoming a Happify Pioneer

Happify Pioneer Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello have you heard of Happify yet? 

Well I didn't until last month. I received an e-mail to become part  of the Happify Pioneer programe. It's a website which is being tested right now. Claims to increase your Happiness levels using the Science of  happiness through games and tasks and working with in an on-line community of Happify.

 I was surprised to be asked to join. In a world where it seems we are getting more unhappy  and discontented with our lives and sometimes social media can fuel that discontentment looking at  blog prefect worlds and Facebook envy.  Maybe Happify is something we need in the world.  There is a growing  trend for all things Happy right now for exampleThe Happy Movie and The Happiness project.

Happify is not really about showing off  or being competitive it's about sharing your experiences and reactions with other people who maybe in the same life path as you. Learning something new about yourself. Well that's just my idea about the site.

I am not a great social net worker. I was curious to try out the site and see where it would  lead me as Happiness is something I try to inject into my own brand and products.

So far I have tried one of the tasks and already discovered how to get myself out a negative tail spin which I have to be honest I am pretty good at doing those.
If your interested in getting Happy you can find our more here.
I might share any light bulb moments with you as I progress with the website tasks. I just wanted to add I wasn't paid to promote this website I am just doing as I want to learn more about creating happiness into peoples lives and my own.


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