Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wooo hoo Happy Halloween

Halloween at the Curve Garden  © Susse Ltd 2013

Wooo  hoo oooo Happy Halloween. Here are some personal pictures today of our family outing to Curve garden last Sunday. we had the perfect Autumn Sunday last weekend.  I made some Home made pancakes for breakfast then off to Columbia flower market and then to the Museum of Childhood. Popped into a friends for coffee and a catch up. Then we ended our day and went to the Curve garden where all the local kids where carving pumpkins. Then the night came and the Curve garden was turned into a magical place as the lights where slowly turned out and we all looked in awe at all the pumpkin lanterns twinkling away in the garden. A beautiful memory to have. I hope Rocket will keep this as a childhood memory in the future. Happy Halloween.

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