Friday, November 8, 2013

From my desk this week- Pattern Queen

Dreaming of becoming a pattern Queen Susse Ltd © 2013

Making patterns at UGTR workshop Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk this week. It's been a very busy week for me as I played catch up with the workshop I started last week. The ultimate guide to repeats from Pattern Observer. Although I crammed two weeks into one after the mid term break. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. So here is some show and tell on what I have been working on. Set repeats and my little demon the tossed repeat something I have always had great difficulty mastering. I truly admire people have a natural talent with making patterns look seamless. As they say practice makes perfect. One day I might just be a pattern queen.
Check out my pinterest board  Pattern Queens for some pattern inspiration.
Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

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