Friday, November 22, 2013

Putting the pieces of the pattern together

Putting the pieces of the pattern together Susse Ltd © 2013
Free flow and tossed patterns at UGTR Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk this week. I have been busy working in the UGTR workshop over at Pattern Observer. The course is nearly finished but I just wanted to share with you how I felt about the course.
For me it felt like the final pieces to a big jigsaw puzzle had just been completed. I have been trying for about a year to work around the computer and using it for pattern design. Two big things I manage to overcome this year was becoming more professional with my pattern designs. Getting to know how to use the tools Illustrator and Photo shop correctly. I have bought books, I have sat through Lynda tutorials. This course has really been the Ultimate guide to repeats.

I did find some of it challenging but I know with more practise I think I can only improve my design work. It felt good to push the boundaries and acquire some new skills.
The support from other fellow learners  and the Pattern Observer team on the forum was great everyone cheering everyone on and sharing their knowledge.  I feeling more confident technically and creating more designs. So watch this space for some new patterns coming soon...

Have a great weekend.

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