Friday, December 20, 2013

From desk this week- looking forward 2014

Getting ready for bootcamp © 2013 Susse Ltd.

Hello from my desk this week well actually for the last time this year. I have had an exciting journey this year with my work. It's been a challenging year on both a personal level and health wise but I feel I am in a better place now. Ready to move into the new year and get going on the next plans for 2014. Already my wall planner is starting to take shape. I am really excited to be taking part in the Lilla Rogers School course assignment boot camp. I hope it is going to help me grow as an artist/designer and take my work onto a new level.  I am sure I will share the experience with you next year here on my blog. If your interested you can find out more about the courses run by Lilla's school. here
I am tidying up my desk and getting ready for a lovely time with my family and friends over the holiday season. See you on the other side in 2014. 

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