Monday, January 27, 2014

Add fun to your year

Add fun to your year Love notes February Susse Ltd © 2014 

Hello and a happy Monday. Yeah January nearly over and spring is just in sight. Just have to survive the dark cold days of London in February. It's all love in the air at Susse Collection. Here is my new calendar download for February. I have been working on lots of feminine patterns just now I thought this one was perfect for February springy colour palette and imagery. I hope it brightens up your walls in your home or office.
Enjoy xx.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

From my desk this week- dreaming ,wishing,planning.

Dreaming wishing planning a studio vision Susse Ltd © 2013 
Hello from my desk this week. It has all been about dreaming wishing and planning.
My little sketch above is partly about getting ready for  assignment boot camp partly working on the current goals setting workshop over at Pattern Observer textile lab.

Part of the goal setting workshop was to reflect on the positives of 2013 which despite being a yucky year personally I actually realised I had a lot to be happy for.  It has helped to think about this year. The things I want to achieve and a wish for.  One of them is that I have always longed for a studio space.
I am super grateful to have a desk at home in a separate room.  In Australia I just had the kitchen table and a lap top so I have upgraded but it's a very small space to work in and very isolating working from home all day. It is convenient  to be able to work in the evening or any time of the day. It doesn't really lends it's self to a balanced life.

One of my goals is to get a shared desk space/studio out of the house. There are so many in the area I live in so still handy for school pick up. Any way will see how much work comes in the door to finance it.

That's up to me setting down more goals in the work department which I still have to go back and work on. Keep you posted on that.

I hope you have a great weekend. Maybe your dreaming wishing and planning for 2014 too.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

From my desk this week - Preparing for boot camp.

Preparing for Boot camp Susse Ltd © 2014
Hello form my desk this week. How has your week been? Are you back in the flow of things? We have been doing a lot of sorting and tidying up in our home. It feels really good to feel centred and ready to go. I have been following the January cure over at apartment therapy and trying to do a task a day (well trying) but I am taking out what I can from it. Jarrod and I revamped our kitchen over the weekend painting the cupboard doors and bought some shopping baskets for storage. We really enjoyed  having some time working on a home project together.
What's the point of my ramblings about sorting and tiding up. I  am also sorting and tidying up my work life, studio and business.  I am getting excited about getting ready to take part in the Lilla Roger's assignment boot camp starting in February. I  have a few things to work on to  get ready. Getting some materials ready,preparing my creative space. Thinking  and writing my thoughts down about making my commitment to the course. 
It already feels that these exercises are  benefiting me in my own personal  life as well as my work life . I am thinking  a lot about what and where I will  be in 6 months from now. 

Have a good weekend and see you next week.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pop Art Design at the Barbican London

POP! Susse Ltd © 2014

One of the things I promised my self this year was to get out and about more and take advantage of living in this amazing city. So yesterday I did I hoped on a bus down to the Barbican and took some time out too see the Pop Art Design exhibition. Of course there where some of my favourite artists there. Although you have seen their artwork many times before in books and on gifts in gallery shops . It was so nice to see the actual sketches and live art work in real life and not behind a computer screen. There is a no photo policy at the exhibition but I can show some things I bought at the exhibition and give you a feel for this unique point in art history when art and design started to cross over and blur the boundaries, I  particularly enjoyed some  film footage and the graphic section. I  also loved some original printed fabric design by Andy Warhol in his early days of illustration and the graphic art work of Alexander Girard. Up stairs are some store shop fronts influenced by pop art. There is a short film from the Better Homes Exhibition featuring the home of the future . I had a little chuckle to myself watching it.
I also discovered the art work of Joe Tilson and bought this book  which is a collection of his artwork up to the present day. Born in 1928 he has been an an active artist all his life. I just love the way he collages his work together and the colours and patterns he uses.  So much of the artwork I saw at the exhibition seems so relevant to some of creations going on the world today. If your in London there are lots of events attached to the exhibition which closes on9th February.

Pop Art Design leaflet from the Barbican Exhibition

Pop postcards from the Barbican Exhibition

Pop postcards from the Barbican Exhibition

From the book Joe Tilson A Survey

From the book Joe Tilson A Survey

From my desk this week- Green shoots

Green Shoots New Year You Susse Ltd © 2013

Hello from my desk and another shinny New Year is here.  With it brings that great optimism you feel. Get ready  go on those starting blocks to take off and make the next year a good one. I am not going to talk about New Year's resolutions but about working slowly on your goals and keeping your focus. Last year was a my butterfly year  where I tired to spread my wings out and go a little further with my design work and personal life. This year feels like the year of green shoots. Seeing the  beginning of the seeds I planted at the end of last year little green shoots started to appear. I had some good news on New Years Day and found out that my work will be published in book so it dose feel like a good start. I guess this year is about giving the care and attention you need like growing a small plant taking those baby steps to grown on and upwards. Happy new year from my desk this week. Here's to more green shoots of optimism in 2014.