Thursday, January 16, 2014

From my desk this week - Preparing for boot camp.

Preparing for Boot camp Susse Ltd © 2014
Hello form my desk this week. How has your week been? Are you back in the flow of things? We have been doing a lot of sorting and tidying up in our home. It feels really good to feel centred and ready to go. I have been following the January cure over at apartment therapy and trying to do a task a day (well trying) but I am taking out what I can from it. Jarrod and I revamped our kitchen over the weekend painting the cupboard doors and bought some shopping baskets for storage. We really enjoyed  having some time working on a home project together.
What's the point of my ramblings about sorting and tiding up. I  am also sorting and tidying up my work life, studio and business.  I am getting excited about getting ready to take part in the Lilla Roger's assignment boot camp starting in February. I  have a few things to work on to  get ready. Getting some materials ready,preparing my creative space. Thinking  and writing my thoughts down about making my commitment to the course. 
It already feels that these exercises are  benefiting me in my own personal  life as well as my work life . I am thinking  a lot about what and where I will  be in 6 months from now. 

Have a good weekend and see you next week.

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