Thursday, February 27, 2014

From my desk this week - A postcard story.

The postcard story then paper design Susse Ltd © 2014
Hello from my desk this week. I wanted to share a fun project I took part this week.
The great big stitched post card swap found on the Do what you  love blog. The idea is to create a postcard using stitching  with the theme create and then you send the card on to someone, anyone in the world. I first made my design in paper then transformed it into fabric to post card size then started to add stitches to it. I had lots of fun doing this and has giving me some fresh ideas for some new work. I am buzzing with so many ideas what with boot camping and now this fun project.

I wonder who is making my card right now? I can't wait to send mine. Find more about the project here

Have a great weekend.

The postcard story then transformed into fabric Susse Ltd © 2014 

The finished stitched postcard for someone in the world. Susse Ltd © 2014

Add fun to your year

Mad March is coming Susse Ltd © 2014

Mad March is coming . Here is a nice spring picture to cheer you up as spring is very near now. As you can see I have been working with some new colours inspired by my recent boot camping. Enjoy!

Lilla's assignment boot camp news flash

Lilla's assignment boot camp news flash Susse Ltd © 2014

Big news the first gallery of Lilla's assignment boot camp is now live and really to see  here.
Check put some awesome designs from around the world.

Friday, February 21, 2014

From my desk this week- boot camping.

Working with new colours Susse Ltd ©2014

Hello form my desk this week. I promised to pop in and let you know how I got on with the first assignment with Lilla's Boot camp.  Here are a few designs I worked on for the gallery which will be up soon . You can see all the amazing work everyone in the group created on Lilla's blog. I love how one theme can be translated in so many ways.  everyone in the group have come up with lots of great designs.
I really enjoyed working with a new colour palette I think it helped to push me on. I tend to stick to the colours I like and it is really making me think more about my colour choices in my work. When I was making these pieces last week I was feeling the pressure to get my designs completed and into the gallery before the mid term holiday break and having a stinky cold. I felt I didn't really experiment as much as I wanted to do and develop my ideas more I just felt very rushed. It was silly to feel stressed as it is for fun.  My designs do look a bit cuckoo because I was feeling that way at the time. I guess that is something I really want to explore with the next assignment experimenting with a different medium and coming up with something fresh. The positive was I did it I  mange to submit my design to the gallery on time . Guess which one I chose? You will have to visit the gallery next week.

The sun is out and feeling a bit spring like today. Rocket and I are off to the park today. Have a great weekend. XX

Cuckooland idea 1 Susse Ltd © 2014

Cuckooland  idea 2 Susse Ltd ©2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

From my desk this week- Happy Valentines Day

Little love cat sending you love today Susse Ltd © 2014

Just checking this week.  I have been super sick and super busy at the same time boot camping more about that next week. Just about to collect Rocket from school as the half term holiday starts today. I just wanted send out some love today and wish you all a  Happy Valentines Day. XXX

Friday, February 7, 2014

From my desk this week- Happy boot camper

Boot camping in Cuckoo land Susse Ltd © 2014
Boot camping in Cuckoo land Susse Ltd © 2014

Hello from my desk again two post in one week. It's been a busy week too. As you can see I have been boot camping this week. Monday morning was the start of getting ideas,inspiration and playing which I fully enjoyed. I have to admit at first I manage to over whelm myself with too much inspiration and putting mood boards together but I did give myself a short time to do everything. I was determined to try  out new techniques which made me feel overwhelmed again. So Monday I  just left it at researching. The next few days I go into the zone sketching. I still feel like I need to go out of my comfort zone and experiment more. I  am trying that today. 

I have to admit I felt a little  shy and nervous sharing my work  on-line with the other fellow boot campers to begin with. Hello strangers here's my work  but instead of being in that bubble you work in all day it felt good to have so much positive feed back from fellow class mates. Feeling of overwhelm again but it was good to have support but also to support other people in the group too. See all these amazing creative people share their work too.

I  feel very lucky to have a chance to work to share my creative process in this virtual studio. 
I am one happy boot camper this week more boot camping next week.
Have a great weekend. XX

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From my desk this week - Surface patterns

Tiger print competition Everyday  surface pattern prints Susse Ltd © 2014
Hello from my desk this week. Yes I missed a post last week. I was very spaced out on Friday after my trip to the dentist.  Here  are few designs that I worked on last week.
Inspired by the sugar rush colours of a birthday tea. Putting myself in a springy mood with these sugary girlie pastel colours and wishing I can remove my black London winter uniform and get into some happy colours for warmer spring days.

I entered these patterns for the latest competition fro Tiger print everyday surface patterns.The competition is closed today but there  are more competitions in the pipeline. They are such fun to take part in.
I started a spring clean on my site while I am building my new site.
I have updated  my surface pattern portfolio  so check them out.

Finally I am very excited in my studio today just about to start my first mini  of the  Lilla Rogers assignment boot camp so the journey begins.. I might pop in at the end of the week and let you know how I am getting on. Have a great week xx