Friday, February 21, 2014

From my desk this week- boot camping.

Working with new colours Susse Ltd ©2014

Hello form my desk this week. I promised to pop in and let you know how I got on with the first assignment with Lilla's Boot camp.  Here are a few designs I worked on for the gallery which will be up soon . You can see all the amazing work everyone in the group created on Lilla's blog. I love how one theme can be translated in so many ways.  everyone in the group have come up with lots of great designs.
I really enjoyed working with a new colour palette I think it helped to push me on. I tend to stick to the colours I like and it is really making me think more about my colour choices in my work. When I was making these pieces last week I was feeling the pressure to get my designs completed and into the gallery before the mid term holiday break and having a stinky cold. I felt I didn't really experiment as much as I wanted to do and develop my ideas more I just felt very rushed. It was silly to feel stressed as it is for fun.  My designs do look a bit cuckoo because I was feeling that way at the time. I guess that is something I really want to explore with the next assignment experimenting with a different medium and coming up with something fresh. The positive was I did it I  mange to submit my design to the gallery on time . Guess which one I chose? You will have to visit the gallery next week.

The sun is out and feeling a bit spring like today. Rocket and I are off to the park today. Have a great weekend. XX

Cuckooland idea 1 Susse Ltd © 2014

Cuckooland  idea 2 Susse Ltd ©2014


paintlove studio said...

Hi, I just discovered your lovely blog through bootcamp. I love your cuckoo clock design, it's so beautiful. I didn't realise it was hand done so this was really interesting to see. Can't wait to see what you do for the next assignment!

Susse Linton said...

Hi Linda thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Your work is gorgeous look forward to seeing your work at boot camp too.