Friday, February 7, 2014

From my desk this week- Happy boot camper

Boot camping in Cuckoo land Susse Ltd © 2014
Boot camping in Cuckoo land Susse Ltd © 2014

Hello from my desk again two post in one week. It's been a busy week too. As you can see I have been boot camping this week. Monday morning was the start of getting ideas,inspiration and playing which I fully enjoyed. I have to admit at first I manage to over whelm myself with too much inspiration and putting mood boards together but I did give myself a short time to do everything. I was determined to try  out new techniques which made me feel overwhelmed again. So Monday I  just left it at researching. The next few days I go into the zone sketching. I still feel like I need to go out of my comfort zone and experiment more. I  am trying that today. 

I have to admit I felt a little  shy and nervous sharing my work  on-line with the other fellow boot campers to begin with. Hello strangers here's my work  but instead of being in that bubble you work in all day it felt good to have so much positive feed back from fellow class mates. Feeling of overwhelm again but it was good to have support but also to support other people in the group too. See all these amazing creative people share their work too.

I  feel very lucky to have a chance to work to share my creative process in this virtual studio. 
I am one happy boot camper this week more boot camping next week.
Have a great weekend. XX

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