Thursday, February 27, 2014

From my desk this week - A postcard story.

The postcard story then paper design Susse Ltd © 2014
Hello from my desk this week. I wanted to share a fun project I took part this week.
The great big stitched post card swap found on the Do what you  love blog. The idea is to create a postcard using stitching  with the theme create and then you send the card on to someone, anyone in the world. I first made my design in paper then transformed it into fabric to post card size then started to add stitches to it. I had lots of fun doing this and has giving me some fresh ideas for some new work. I am buzzing with so many ideas what with boot camping and now this fun project.

I wonder who is making my card right now? I can't wait to send mine. Find more about the project here

Have a great weekend.

The postcard story then transformed into fabric Susse Ltd © 2014 

The finished stitched postcard for someone in the world. Susse Ltd © 2014


Silky Hart said...

Hi Susse, I received your darling postcard today, and I love it! I'm making yours and it will be in the mail very soon. Cheers, Silky

Susse Linton said...

Hi Silky,I am so happy hear the post card arrived and you liked it. I am looking forward to seeing your lovely creation soon.