Thursday, April 3, 2014

From my desk this week - Kool 4 Kids.

Hello from my desk this week. No boot camping this month not until next May so I have been trying take away my experiences from the course so far and try and apply it to my work the things I have learnt so far. I have had a busy week starting to create more design for Patternbank studio who have just opened for business.  I had this competition brief sitting on my desk for ages I thought why not give it a try so here are my final design for the Hallmark Creative studio design completion to create some fun designs for kids and paper goods. Here is the brief.
I came up with this crazy Beach party collection. MMmm maybe I need a good break next week. I had a lot of fun designing it and Rocket loved it I guess he's the right customer  to market test it on.
Have a fun Easter break. Things will be quite on t he blog for the next two weeks but will try and pop in now and again. Hoping to post new work on my site and new things on my store in the next few weeks. 
Happy Easter and don't eat too much chocolate. ( Ha Ha that me the chocoholic)

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