Friday, April 25, 2014

From my desk (bed) this week- Paper Paint

My desk bed this week.
Hello from my desk bed this week. Yep I have been confined to bed rest this week. It hasn't stopped me from working though. I manage to twist my knee and can't walk. I am trying to remain positive and been working in bed as I let my knee stay still and repair itself.  It's been quite good just working away in sketch books and trying  few things out. I even tried the Patterns Please challenge over at Uppercase. Came up with these pattern making typewriters. Could be the pain killers kicking in I enjoyed making the design. You can still enter the challenge there is time .

I have been working with my paper paint  share more with what I came up with next week.
Have a good weekend. XX

Crazy patterns Typewriter making patterns.

Patterns Please Uppercase Magazine.

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