Friday, April 25, 2014

Tooth bag

Bye see you later tooth.

Little tooth bag I made for Rocket's first tooth.

Hello I am back and it's been a strange holiday break.  I don't usually talk about Rocket that much. This is a personal moment just had to share with you. Rocket lost his first tooth. First in first out too. I remember his first tooth cutting through 3 months old at Jarrod's birthday party so we had lots of helpers soothing him. Nearly 6 years ago it gone so quickly. It's such a mile stone as a parent.
I made him a tooth bag so the fairy could find his little tooth and deposit a gold coin in there.
He loves this bag so much he sleeps with it every night now. MMmm I was just wondering if he thinks it will fill up with gold coins every night? That would be good wouldn't it.

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