Thursday, May 8, 2014

From my desk( bed) this week- Back to bootcamp.


Hello I am back from an eventful week. I had some surprise surgery on my knee last week. I am grateful and thankful for having my knee repaired and look forward to my new improved knee in the future.
It dose mean I am confined to bed for 6 weeks now. I am mastering the art of working from bed while my knee heals. Feeling like Matisse or Frida Kahlo I know spend my days working on creative projects in bed.I think that is healing in it's self.

I have two courses on the go now. Enjoying them booth. Mastering your market by Pattern Observer. Homing in on my patterned design skills for different markets. I am interested in expanding in to Quilt market and home decor so I am very excited about exploring and growing those skills.

Being back at Lilla's Boot camp  has already been so much fun and getting to know some more boot campers.
The topic this month is one I feel totally at ease with. Drawing faces and people. From the minute I could draw people have it has been my favourite thing to draw.

This week is the experimental process. Here are some of my drawing just making things for fun.
I find I have been  this process the most. For few years I have had this idea in my head to make a book Faces and places and not  knowing where to start I think just experimenting this week has given me the idea.
The starting point was drawing dolls for this weeks project.
Here is my sketch book I am sharing with you and the drawing I have  worked on this week.  As you can see I really enjoyed working on them.

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