Friday, May 23, 2014

From my desk this week- Roller skates Pineapples and Flamingos..

A big hello from my desk this week. Yeah I am back in my studio again and it feels good.
This week I was transported off to Miami beach imaging life as a Roller girl. Skating along the beach listening to Del la Soul's A roller skate jam Saturday song and rainbow leg warmers on . In reality that would be a hilarious image with my leg brace on and probably won't be doing something like that for some time.. ( sorry no leg talk I did promise) .

I have been busy working  on my second course I am focusing on this month. Mastering your Market with Pattern Observer. I really have gained so much with the course so far. I think all the photo shop hot tips and tricks have really demystify so much for me built my confidence up on the computer. I really enjoyed diving into trends and browsing for hours on the Stylesight website which you get three months access too as part of the course. I have developed a mild addiction for this site.  I love making up mood boards for the collections.

You might already see the tropical trend going on in the stores in London and pineapples seem to be all over the place and pink flamingos are making an appearance.
Next summer that 80's 90's pop pattern vibe will be he arriving with more palms trees, pine apples glitter.

Here are my print ideas I came up with I tried some new techniques it looks very different to my other work. It's all experimental I think I will develop this more. Diamond in the rough just now.

Maybe you will feel inspired to dust down those Roller skates and go skating in the park this long bank holiday weekend.

Have a good weekend. xxx

Roller skates Pineapples and Flamingos

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