Friday, May 16, 2014

From my desk(bed) this week- Meditations Boot Camping.

Morning Sun rays bring a peaceful moment as I work on colour layout.

Hello from my desk bed this week. So I just finished week 2 in bed. Things are good everything is healing and making a positive recovery. I have been joking with friends that I now know what the life of a sofa feels like. As I have had to sleep in my living room for the pass two weeks. Now I can progress up the stairs (we have a spiral staircase not good for leg in a brace) and get back into my studio. 

So I have to admit not having access to my studio did presented some challenges. Challenges are good huh.

I persevered with my two courses this week. With Jarrod's lap top and my mobile phone as a scanner.
Lots and lots of drawing. I manage to complete my big assignment for Boot Camp.
An editorial piece  about mediation. I am not sure I got this right. I challenge myself to working
on a whole piece in photo shop. I liked the end result. Even though it feels really different for me.

A little undecided about which one to submit I asked my fellow boot campers and they really helped me out so thank you boot campers.

So you will have to wait until you which one went into the gallery at the end of May. 
There are some stunning pieces from the boot campers. For me I feel good I made it .

Meditation is something I am currently really exploring at the moment. Pre -surgery my mediation apps on my phone where being well used to try and keep myself calm that day.

Here is the article we had to illustrate for those of you who might think that mediation might just not be for me but you  might just benefit for practicing a few oms each day.

Ok so have a lovely weekend and I shall be saying a big hello from my desk next week.

(oh no more surgery knee talk that's old news now everything is healing.)

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

Rough 1


Tracey said...

Looking forward to following!

Susse Linton said...

Hey Tracy Thank you for following. Glad you got some Mamma time : ) to read your fantastic post on Uppercase Magazine. Looking forward to seeing you in print. Have a great weekend.