Friday, June 27, 2014

Add fun to your year

Add fun to your July  Susse Ltd © 2014

Hello and happy Friday to you. Wow nearly July this month went so quickly for me how about you?
Here is a another free calendar page for you to enjoy inspired by all those nautical drawings I have been creating all month long. Have a great weekend where every your are. XX

Thursday, June 26, 2014

From my desk this week- Boot camp show.

Boot camp Show on my website 

Hello from my desk this week. It's nearly the end of my six months journey at Lilla Rogers School Boot Camp. I decided to pause and have a look at all the work I have done over the past months and put together my work so far as a boot camp show. You can see it over at my illustration page on my website. I will be posting more illustration soon on my site. I am still working on my new site which I hope to get together over the Summer months ready for Autumn.

Cuckoo Land at Boot Camp

Here are a few examples my first assignment for mobile phone surface pattern. My current work for some wall art based on a nautical theme which you can see at this months gallery over at Lilla Rogers. I am wondering what the next brief will be?
Hello Sailor st Boot Camp

Registration just opened for this years Global Talent Search over at Lilla Rogers.You can find out more here

Are you ready to rock your talent this year?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June boot camp gallery now open

Gallery now Open.

The June Gallery over at Lilla Rogers Studio School is now open see if you can spot my cute Sailor .
Check out all the great art on display exploring the theme of of all things Nautical
Here .

Friday, June 20, 2014

From my desk this week Mastering the quilt market.

Mastering the quilt market with Pattern Observer.

Mastering the quilt market with Pattern Observer

Hello from my desk this week. As promised I was going to tell you  my experience mastering the quit market with the Pattern Observer Mastering your market course.
I finished the course this week. It was an intense six week course and I have gain so much from taking part still processing all the new tips and tricks and huge volume of work I have gained from participating.

Here a few of my patterns I designed based on the winter trend of all things Folkloric and this was one project I really enjoyed doing the most. I think this is really a new avenue I want to explore developing patterns for the quilt market.

My biggest take away was getting my repeats right. Making the whole collection really work well as a whole and scale. So the home sower can put all these designs together in one whole quilt. Also keeping on trend  and putting a little of your own style into the designs. Making your collection appeal to a broad age range too.

I am thinking of having a Spoonflower shop. Would you by my prints?

Have a great weekend. xx

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unfree can set you free

Unfree can set you free Susse Ltd © 2014

Here is a piece of work I was inspired to make this week. This is a piece a reminder to really appreciate what you have in your life. Don't take things for granted especially your health.
I was inspired by another fellow boot camper who  has some serious health issues and had a conversation about how even though you might be experiencing a heath issues huge life changes  that might totally limit your freedom you can feel a lot of positive emotions.

For me I couldn't walk or leave the house for 2 months and do every day things like cooking or play with my son. So this week is such a mile stone for me as I can now go outside and walk and do so many things I just couldn't do for so long. I still have a way to go. It's an amazing feeling.

Being literally forced  to stay in one place and rest was actually a good time for me. Just reading, creating art and meditating and re thinking so much of my life. It turned into a positive experience for me.I really appreciate  my husband and all my lovely friends who helped us out so much. 

For anyone who experiencing that unfree feeling and maybe force to rethink things. I hope this little illustration will give you hope and realise although you may be feeling unfree you can still feel free.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Card Susse Ltd © 2014

Here is a father's day card for you.  Inspired by recent Boot Camp project. Free to print and say thanks Dad. Have some good celebrations and a great weekend.

From my desk this week- 5 second studio mini tour Boot Camp.

Little collection of things coming from around the world all telling their own story.

Hello from my desk this week. I am coming a little out of my comfort zone this week and showing you around in a 5 second mini tour of my studio. Why is it a bit of thing ? I don't usually show pictures of my self on line. Or really show my personal space to the world. I am just one of those people who just dose not feel comfortable getting my picture taken. I had no choice at the time I couldn't stand up and take a picture with my iron leg (as we call it my house) So Jarrod took my picture and made me laugh so much and thought I should be in the photo.

This week at Lilla's Boot Camp we started Monday morning showing our places where we work and be creative. It was so great to see every ones special places where they work and how the personality of each designer showed in their spaces. We talked about how some of us didn't have a space.  Some people just having a little corner of a kitchen table and a lap top. Which when I lived in Sydney that's how I had to work and even went to  Library just to have a space to work..That's why I am so grateful to have this corner in our place to my self and a door to close behind at the end of the day.
At the end of the day I think the creative energy comes from with in and that it doesn't matter the physical place you create in the artwork and you can see that with all the great art the boot campers have been making.

Here are few sketches I have been working on during Boot Camp this week. The brief is to create wall art on a nautical theme. It  is so nice to have such a free brief this time.  I have also been finishing of at the Mastering Your market workshop and creating a range of quilting fabrics. I really enjoyed designing.

Lots to show you next week.

Random wall things.

Surface patterns in the rough.
Yes this is me ready to get working on a Monday morning.

My sketchbooks  constant  inspiration.

Hello sailor nautical boot camping  drawings this week.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thank You Pattern Observer

I am very excited to share that my work has been featured on Pattern Observer today. I have been part of the Pattern Observer Community for some time now and enjoyed every course I have taken through this fantastic site for everything to do with the world of Pattern.  Read about  my experience of working on the course Ultimate Guide to Repeats and how learning and growing is so beneficial to your business and how my business is already starting to grow. 

The next group study is starting soon for  this course. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

From my desk this week- Going Poolside

Susse Ltd ©2014 Going Poolside
 Hello from my desk this week taking a pause from a busy day to tell you how things are going. So as you can see I am still in a summery holiday mood. I missed last weeks from my desk post as it was mid term break for the schools here in London so not much work was achieved.

I did manage to work on the next phase of Mastering Your Market over at Pattern Observer.
I really enjoyed this project I really want to develop my skills in the furnishing market. It is still trend led but a freedom to develop your unique ideas. I was working on a hot trend for next year Poolside. Jumping into  the world of Hockney pool painting and Californian sunshine. Hockney's paintings remind  me of the hot long sunny days when I lived in Sydney and we had a  shared pool at our apartment. I love swimming so much just being surrounded by the turquoise blue water of a swimming pool just makes me so happy.

I think I captured that happiness in  my work.

I wanted to have more time developing this range. I managed to draw a tone of sketches which I can't wait to develop. I did find the furnishing lessons so helpful working with scale and up scaling your designs on to the computer and the whole printing process.

This week I am working on a the quilt market over at Mastering your market super excited to be working on this project. Show and tell next week.

Have a good week.

Susse X

Susse Ltd ©2014 Going Poolside

Susse Ltd ©2014 Going Poolside

Susse Ltd ©2014 Going Poolside

Susse Ltd ©2014 Going Poolside
Susse Ltd ©2014 Going Poolside