Friday, June 13, 2014

From my desk this week- 5 second studio mini tour Boot Camp.

Little collection of things coming from around the world all telling their own story.

Hello from my desk this week. I am coming a little out of my comfort zone this week and showing you around in a 5 second mini tour of my studio. Why is it a bit of thing ? I don't usually show pictures of my self on line. Or really show my personal space to the world. I am just one of those people who just dose not feel comfortable getting my picture taken. I had no choice at the time I couldn't stand up and take a picture with my iron leg (as we call it my house) So Jarrod took my picture and made me laugh so much and thought I should be in the photo.

This week at Lilla's Boot Camp we started Monday morning showing our places where we work and be creative. It was so great to see every ones special places where they work and how the personality of each designer showed in their spaces. We talked about how some of us didn't have a space.  Some people just having a little corner of a kitchen table and a lap top. Which when I lived in Sydney that's how I had to work and even went to  Library just to have a space to work..That's why I am so grateful to have this corner in our place to my self and a door to close behind at the end of the day.
At the end of the day I think the creative energy comes from with in and that it doesn't matter the physical place you create in the artwork and you can see that with all the great art the boot campers have been making.

Here are few sketches I have been working on during Boot Camp this week. The brief is to create wall art on a nautical theme. It  is so nice to have such a free brief this time.  I have also been finishing of at the Mastering Your market workshop and creating a range of quilting fabrics. I really enjoyed designing.

Lots to show you next week.

Random wall things.

Surface patterns in the rough.
Yes this is me ready to get working on a Monday morning.

My sketchbooks  constant  inspiration.

Hello sailor nautical boot camping  drawings this week.

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