Thursday, June 26, 2014

From my desk this week- Boot camp show.

Boot camp Show on my website 

Hello from my desk this week. It's nearly the end of my six months journey at Lilla Rogers School Boot Camp. I decided to pause and have a look at all the work I have done over the past months and put together my work so far as a boot camp show. You can see it over at my illustration page on my website. I will be posting more illustration soon on my site. I am still working on my new site which I hope to get together over the Summer months ready for Autumn.

Cuckoo Land at Boot Camp

Here are a few examples my first assignment for mobile phone surface pattern. My current work for some wall art based on a nautical theme which you can see at this months gallery over at Lilla Rogers. I am wondering what the next brief will be?
Hello Sailor st Boot Camp

Registration just opened for this years Global Talent Search over at Lilla Rogers.You can find out more here

Are you ready to rock your talent this year?

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