Friday, June 20, 2014

From my desk this week Mastering the quilt market.

Mastering the quilt market with Pattern Observer.

Mastering the quilt market with Pattern Observer

Hello from my desk this week. As promised I was going to tell you  my experience mastering the quit market with the Pattern Observer Mastering your market course.
I finished the course this week. It was an intense six week course and I have gain so much from taking part still processing all the new tips and tricks and huge volume of work I have gained from participating.

Here a few of my patterns I designed based on the winter trend of all things Folkloric and this was one project I really enjoyed doing the most. I think this is really a new avenue I want to explore developing patterns for the quilt market.

My biggest take away was getting my repeats right. Making the whole collection really work well as a whole and scale. So the home sower can put all these designs together in one whole quilt. Also keeping on trend  and putting a little of your own style into the designs. Making your collection appeal to a broad age range too.

I am thinking of having a Spoonflower shop. Would you by my prints?

Have a great weekend. xx

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