Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unfree can set you free

Unfree can set you free Susse Ltd © 2014

Here is a piece of work I was inspired to make this week. This is a piece a reminder to really appreciate what you have in your life. Don't take things for granted especially your health.
I was inspired by another fellow boot camper who  has some serious health issues and had a conversation about how even though you might be experiencing a heath issues huge life changes  that might totally limit your freedom you can feel a lot of positive emotions.

For me I couldn't walk or leave the house for 2 months and do every day things like cooking or play with my son. So this week is such a mile stone for me as I can now go outside and walk and do so many things I just couldn't do for so long. I still have a way to go. It's an amazing feeling.

Being literally forced  to stay in one place and rest was actually a good time for me. Just reading, creating art and meditating and re thinking so much of my life. It turned into a positive experience for me.I really appreciate  my husband and all my lovely friends who helped us out so much. 

For anyone who experiencing that unfree feeling and maybe force to rethink things. I hope this little illustration will give you hope and realise although you may be feeling unfree you can still feel free.

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