Friday, October 24, 2014

Three reasons to feel YEAH.

Free with Flow Magazine The Little Gratefulness Diary.

I have been having a few cosy nights in this week catching up on some magazine reading. I have started to subscribe to the lovely Dutch Magazine Flow with great articles about creative people and lifestyle. Free with the latest issue is The Little Gratefulness Diary. I hope to fill it every week. I have been on a mindfulness journey this year after my surgery and really into meditation and been reading up on it quite a bit this year. This diary is perfect for  being in the present moment and thinking about those little things in life you feel grateful for . I have been thinking about this a lot this week and decided to share three reasons to feel YEAH!

It has taken months to get my little knee back into shape. I am so grateful I can now practise yoga in the morning again YEAH! I can go swimming again YEAH! super happy about that and I have started sewing again YEAH! Dusted down my sewing machine and whipping up a few clothes that I started months ago. A couple of months ago I was just grateful to be able to walk again and go up and down stairs.  It is so great to do things that I enjoy again.

Do you have three reasons to feel YEAH! this week?

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