Friday, November 28, 2014

Susse Collection Gift Guide 2014

Hello looking for some last minute gifts for the holidays?

Susse Collection gift guide is here

Add fun to your year

The last calendar page for the year wow 2014 you went quickly.  Are you getting in the holiday mood? I am really excited this weekend as my lovely American friend is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our place this weekend. I have never celebrated Thanksgiving before so I ma really looking forward to it.

Have a good weekend I hope your having some Happy Holidays fun. XX

Friday, November 21, 2014

From my desk this week- Spoonflower

Hello from my desk this week. I have been making lots and lots of pattern this week. Things are getting really busy here getting designs ready for all the textile and surface patterns shows start next year. I working to get everything done before the Christmas Holidays. It has been nice working with Spring Summer 2016  colours while looking outside at that  classic cold grey London sky that happens this time of year.
Apart for springy patterns I finally posted my first design on Spoonflower. I have been wanting to have a Spoonflower shop for a long time. (Talked about it a few times here on my blog .) At last I have started and I decided to have a go at one of there competitions Kitten in Mittens.
he competitions are a great way to build up your portfolio as they come up with some really good themes.

This design is not for sale yet as I want to get a quality sample first and will be posting more designs soon onceI have seen my samples let you when I am ready to sell my patterns.

Keep warm put your mittens on and have a good weekend XX

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Short list Tigerprint Christmas Patterns competition

Hello I found out over the weekend that all three of my patterns made the short list for the Christmas Patterns competition. ( Thank you Sara for telling me) It was a really nice surprise. I was feeling  a little unsure  when I posted them in the gallery. As I still feel in a transitional phase with my work at the moment as I get more involved with painting. Painting has become a bit of a new addiction for me. Working at a slower pace feels good instead of the quick cut and paste paper collages I have been doing for a while now. I am enjoying experimenting using more textures and adding more detail to my work now.
I didn't make it any further in the competition but  feel pretty good getting shortlisted make you feel your on the right track somehow.

Happy to see some Boot campers making the runners up list. 
Yeah for Antoana Oreski and Lucy Banaji lovely designs.

Fancy having a go at one of the Tigerprint competitions check out the website here

Friday, November 14, 2014

From my desk this week- Share

Hello from my desk this week. This week has been about sharing for me. I was contacted by a graphic student this week asking help breaking into the Surface Pattern industry and was introduced through a fellow Pattern Observer course  student. It was a surprise to be asked and I felt huge responsibility dispensing the right advice I hope what I gave was useful I wish this student good luck. I remembered when I left collage any advice other designers where willing to give was so greatly appreciated. Any way this week it sparked the idea to share some useful resources I found this year on my blog.

Books: Business and Life

Courses: Business and improved Pattern design and illustration.

Do you like my illustration above? It will soon be a pattern to buy. I am working behind the scene to finally launch a Spoonflower shop soon another procrastination in my life being check off my list Yay!!

Have a lovely weekend see you next week. XX.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Sleepy.

I had to share this quick painting I did the other day of this sleepy cat. Do you get that winter sleepiness around this time of year.?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hire a designer a new design directory by Print and Pattern.

I am excited to let you know that I just joined the new directory Designers for hire. It's a new directory dedicated to Surface pattern designers.  Created by the famous blog Print and Pattern.
There so many of my favourite designers listed there so I feel honoured to be included.

Check out the directory here

Friday, November 7, 2014

From my desk this week- Fresh Patterns

Spring Day.

 Hello from my desk this week. A short post today. I am busy developing new designs right now working on some new product ideas all with be revealed soon.
I have been taking some  time this week to look over the huge body of work I have made this year with all the courses I have been working on. I decided it's time to get some of my work in order before the start of New Year. Here are some patterns  I have been redoing and working on and I updated my Moyo directory listing this week.

It's the perfect time of year to do and more updating going on behind the scenes with Susse web stores and my website . I have been procrastinating all year about redoing my site but it's time for a fresh look for 2015.

Check more patterns here on my listing page at the Moyo Directory which is a unique source for surface pattern designers around the world.

Have a good weekend XX

It's chilly outside.

Back to school.