Friday, November 21, 2014

From my desk this week- Spoonflower

Hello from my desk this week. I have been making lots and lots of pattern this week. Things are getting really busy here getting designs ready for all the textile and surface patterns shows start next year. I working to get everything done before the Christmas Holidays. It has been nice working with Spring Summer 2016  colours while looking outside at that  classic cold grey London sky that happens this time of year.
Apart for springy patterns I finally posted my first design on Spoonflower. I have been wanting to have a Spoonflower shop for a long time. (Talked about it a few times here on my blog .) At last I have started and I decided to have a go at one of there competitions Kitten in Mittens.
he competitions are a great way to build up your portfolio as they come up with some really good themes.

This design is not for sale yet as I want to get a quality sample first and will be posting more designs soon onceI have seen my samples let you when I am ready to sell my patterns.

Keep warm put your mittens on and have a good weekend XX

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