Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Short list Tigerprint Christmas Patterns competition

Hello I found out over the weekend that all three of my patterns made the short list for the Christmas Patterns competition. ( Thank you Sara for telling me) It was a really nice surprise. I was feeling  a little unsure  when I posted them in the gallery. As I still feel in a transitional phase with my work at the moment as I get more involved with painting. Painting has become a bit of a new addiction for me. Working at a slower pace feels good instead of the quick cut and paste paper collages I have been doing for a while now. I am enjoying experimenting using more textures and adding more detail to my work now.
I didn't make it any further in the competition but  feel pretty good getting shortlisted make you feel your on the right track somehow.

Happy to see some Boot campers making the runners up list. 
Yeah for Antoana Oreski and Lucy Banaji lovely designs.

Fancy having a go at one of the Tigerprint competitions check out the website here

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